About Us

FooFaa Intimate, Fitness and Relax wear

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!


FooFaa is wholly owned and operated by eShop24x7 Inc. having 14 years of experience in e-Commerce and having presence on all major marketplaces in INDIA.

FooFaa specialises in Intimate Wear, Fitness Wear and Relax Wear.

All parts of our products go through vigorous quality checks and tests before being pieced together to become the best finished products for your skin. We design different bras and panties, in different fabrics and designs, to let you choose the comfort and fashion you are looking for. We specialise in all kinds of lingerie from daily wear to your special date. We even have a vast range of lounge and relax wear which are made with soft fabrics perfect for a romantic night or to fall into a deep sleep.

FooFaa ® is a registered Trademark owned by eShop24x7 Inc. All rights reserved.